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windows 7 wont accept my product key

Ok, so i payed for a copy of windows 7, i installed it fine, and i have the code which came with the disc, and when i try to put it in, and press next, it says its inavlid and i should check again. i dont know what do as im not really old enough to call the place(onlly 15 :L).

Please hepl quiclkly

~thanks in advance
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    You need to contact microsoft. If you are typing the key in correctly and its not taking it there is nothing we can do, only Microsoft can fix it.
  2. Is it an upgrade version, but you're doing a clean install? That could be it. You will need to call Microsoft.
  3. If you have an upgrade key you need to install Vista and upgrade from that to Windows 7, that is what I had to do with my upgrade key
  4. Im betting he didnt buy it at a retail location or a reputable online seller.
  5. i bought it from ebay, its a clean install disc and the key is not an upgrade key. its just micrsoft being a bitch
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