Graphics card for 200-250?

Looking to play Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, and League of Legends at the highest graphics, with great FPS. I'll be recording Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 with FRAPS, so I'll need a good card. I'd prefer Nvidia, but AMD might work. I currently have the 760 picked out, but it'll change depending on the suggestions you guys give. Shoot away!
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  1. Yup the GTX 760 is your best $250 bet - the HD 7870 would also be a great less expensive option... Hope this helps!
  2. Definitely +1 the GTX760.

    In that price range, a 7950 is a bit more than a 7870xt but check out this review to aid your decision. I agree with everyone else though, the 760 just came out and is the best deal.
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    GTX 760 in a heartbeat,3542-23.html

    A quick reference to Best Graphics Cards For The Money: June 2013 shows that Don is currently recommending the Tahiti-based Radeon HD 7870 for $250. With almost certainty, the GeForce GTX 760 will take that honor next month, displacing the Radeon HD 7950 with Boost at $300 in the process.

    760 - 100%
    7950 - 92%
    7870 - 82%
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