Power supply making very loud clicking noise

My xfx 650W pro edition is making very loud noises. Today I decided to try and fix it. So firstly i thought i should take the screws out to see if i screwed them too tight or something. Sound disappeared. Moved the psu abit and turned it on again, the loud noise came back. However, when I angle and move the psu from its default position, the sound either disappears or faints. I tried to see if there's any obstacles but sadly there werent. Im not exactly sure if im handling the psu incorrectly or there's something wrong wiv my psu...
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  1. could be a bad PSU.. do you have warrenty? :)
  2. Shadsy said:
    could be a bad PSU.. do you have warrenty? :)

    Yes, two year warranty. I'm guessing you're going to suggest me 2 do RMA?
  3. Yes, well if it was me I sure would, you know it can be the fans of the psu, maybe some electrical components making a buzz noise, if its like noticeably high, then yes. Rather imho I would do RMA, then waiting for something to go boom. I know its a dark scenario, but better safe then sorry I say. :) or if you can some how try the PSU outside the PC chassis, if its not vibrations. which should not be in good PC chassis... because usually you have the PSU on rubber grommets if the PSU is down. Also when you have a PSU up there should be no buzz noise. Ether way exploding PSUs are not fun, lol (Personal Experience)
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