Best SSD caching software for use with multiple hard drives?

I am building a computer, and I am going to have 5 hard drives in there straight from the start. I am probably going to do a RAID 5 or 6, or maybe just JBOD at some point. My plan is to buy one or two more large hard drives, because I am going to be running a small VMware server in the background on this computer while I play midrange games on low or medium.

Without wasting time on the details of the build, I want to get an SSD for my hard drives. I want to cache the majority of the SSD for speeding up my hard drives. The SSD will probably be 256GB. (or bigger if the price drops) I am going to use maybe 10GB of the SSD for my operating system, and the rest will be a cache for my hard drives.

What is the best software to cache an SSD for use with multiple hard drives?
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  1. OK:

    I get that you want to use part of a largish SSD for the cache on the RAIND array. The other partition for the Windows install.


    What leads you to consider that will be a faster situation than just using the SSD as boot, and the HDD's in RAID 0 as is usually the case.

    What is the demonstrated benefit you are trying to get?
  2. I figured that having the OS boot up quickly would be a bonus. I want the SSD so that my many hard drives will run faster. My fastest hard drive is 7200 RPM and only gets about 170MB/s read/write speed. All my others are 5900 RPM or 5400 RPM. I have a lot of games, plus I am going to run a small VMware server, so I would like my most used data to cache on the SSD so that it runs quicker. I figured I would go with RAID 5, because one disk could fail and it would still work, not crash the entire array. I did some research into my build, and realized that RAID 6 was not an option because of price of the cards, and my mobo does not support RAID 6, but the mobo I am getting has the option for RAID 5 built in.
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