Copy and paste applications from HDD to SSD or clean install

I know that there are a lot of threads that talk about doing a clean OS install on an SSD vs trying to ghost or clone from an HDD. I already did a clean OS install on a new SSD that I installed in my system, but now I am getting ready to move over a few games and applications to my SSD.

These games/apps were installed on my HDD in Windows 8. I reverted back to Windows 7 now with my new OS install. So my main question is this: is it bad to just cut and paste an entire game installed in Windows 8 (say LoL) from my HDD to my SSD, or should I just download it onto the SSD again in W7?

I'm just wondering if there is some sort of optimization that goes on when you install directly onto an SSD, and if your OS environment plays a role in that. FYI, I ran 64 bit W8 and W7.

Thanks everyone.
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  1. It should be just fine to copy and paste games between hdd and ssd. Just make sure you tell steam where they are.
  2. ^+1 , he means the registry windows files. Because .exe files are executable, so they need the "path" for their registry files. If they are moved, they need to be told where the registry files are. Or else you'll get the message, "file not found"
  3. You can cut and paste from one to the other ..... some games will run just fine at that point. Other's need registry entries to be made; to do this just reinstall over themselves which will keep all ya customizations and saved files.
  4. Thanks for your answers guys, appreciate it.
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