GTX 770M vs GTX 780M

I want to hear your opinions on which you would get if you were buying a laptop. Obviously, if money were no object we would all choose the 780M, but we live in the real world where the 780M costs a real $300 more than the 770M, which will play all but the most demanding games at max settings. So is the $300 worth the extra year, tops, of max settings you will get out of it? Or does saving that $300 or applying it to something else (like more SSD storage) seem like the better use of money in your opinion?

Personally, I'd rather save it or use it to go completely to SSDs and not have any spinning disks in my next laptop.
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  1. Whats the total cost of the computer? Also the rest of the specs would be nice. Thanks
  2. 780M in 9th place (about 50% faster)
    770M in 26th place

    On a side note, I have two of these:

    One has the 120 GB Intel 512 w/ 7200 rpm 750GB HD
    One has the 750 GB Momentus XT hybrid SSD / HD

    Without a benchmarking program or stop watch, you can't tell them apart.
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