Should i get Windows 8 for gaming?

So im going to build a new pc mainly for everyday use, gaming, video/picture editing, youtube, surfing the web, etc. I'm was planning on getting Windows 8. It seems bearable, but then i heard that Windows 8 cannot run modern games like BF3, Black Ops 2, Skyrim, etc. is this true? Should i just get Windows 7? I hear Windows 8 is faster though, but if it cant run games, then theres no chance i'll be getting Windows 8. SO can Windows 8 run games?
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  1. I'm running windows 8, no issues at all so far.

    World of Warcraft
    Metro: Last Night
    Guild Wars 2

    Those are the ones I can confirm, in my case, are working fine.
  2. I'm also running Windows 8, and I have the following games running:

    Alien Swarm
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Bioshock (all)
    Borderlands (all)
    CID The Dummy
    Company of Heroes (all)
    Counter-Strike (all)
    Crysis (all but 3)
    The Darkness
    Day of Defeat
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    Fable - The Lost Chapters
    Fallout (3 GOTYE, Vegas)
    GTA (all)
    Half-life (all)
    Just Cause 2
    Killing Floor
    Metro 2033
    Metro: Last Light
    Portal (all)
    Sleeping Dogs
    Saints Row: The Third
    Sonic Adventure (1 & 2)
    Sonic Generations
    Team Fortress 2
    Titan Quest
    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - GOTYE
    World of Warcraft

    To put it simple: I'm sure most games will run fine. :D
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    All the games in my steam library (27) run just as good on 8 as they did in 7.
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