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will the following spec. run 3d games and movies in actual 3d ?

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June 29, 2013 3:34:23 AM

Intel core i7 4th generation 4770 K
Intel Original 87K RL
8 GB DDR III RAM (Transcend)
1 Terra byte Hard disk drive (Seagate)
23’ LED E 2352THZ 3d enabled monitor (AOC)
2 GB Asus N-Vidia GE Force 650 GTX TI Boost PCI-e card
Multi media Keyboard and Mouse (Logitech)
Cooler Master HAF XM with 750 GX II gaming series cabinet
DVD Writer
Creative 2:1 Inspire speakers
Wifi card

Best solution

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June 29, 2013 3:36:46 AM

Yeah without a problem in movies, however you might have to play on medium - high on very modern and demanding games.

Otherwise this setup should run very well. ^^

I also have another thing to point out, the CPU is very expensive and is not needed here. You should buy Core i5 4670K and use saved money on GTX 770 or GTX 760 (Whichever you can afford then) instead of 650 Ti BOOST.
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June 29, 2013 3:59:43 AM

Certainly spend more money on the GPU. A GTX 770 or a GTX 780 are recommended as 3D is very demanding in games.

Cut down to a i5-4670k (CPU) and to a CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 600W (PSU), it will give you a lot more money for the GPU and will still be compatible with the rest of the system. :) 
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June 29, 2013 12:31:59 PM

how much is gtx 770 2gb and how much is gtx770 4gb?

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a c 84 U Graphics card
June 29, 2013 1:53:11 PM

Both cards are same but 4 GB version has 4 GB of Video RAM.
June 29, 2013 9:55:53 PM

gtx 770 2gb and gtx 770 4gb are the same price?
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June 29, 2013 10:05:16 PM

You have an Nvidia card, and that monitor appears to be an HD3D monitor. They aren't compatible. It may be possible to get it to work with a hack, or Nvidia 3DTV play, but there could be issues there. I also can't seem to find much info on the monitor other than a video, which shows it to be a passive system.
June 29, 2013 10:20:15 PM

what if i change to gtx 770 2gb or 4gb graphic card?
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June 30, 2013 8:59:16 AM

Nvidia uses 3D Vision. It is not a matter of how powerful it is or not, they just don't natively use HD3D. Nvidia 3DTV play can get some systems to work that are not 3D Vision, but it is a bit of a hit and miss thing.
June 30, 2013 9:08:31 AM

so what should i do?
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June 30, 2013 9:11:36 AM

If you want to use an HD3D monitor, you want an AMD card. You may also consider getting a different monitor, one that is 3D Vision 2 compatible. This would also give you 120hz 2D gaming.

If you already have the parts, give this app a try:
June 30, 2013 9:14:54 AM

but i want an nvidia gpu and the monitor is 3d enabled and i get 3d glasses with it . isnt that enough for playing 3d movies and games

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June 30, 2013 9:19:52 AM

I was just looking up those monitors on Amazon, and it appears they are designed to work with the PS3, Xbox 360 and Bluray. It doesn't even mention it being HD3D compatible. It may not work on anything. Perhaps you should look at different monitors.

Something like this:
or this: (you have to buy 3D Vision 2 kit separately with this one)
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June 30, 2013 9:26:59 AM

According to this review, it can be made to work, though it is not a professional review, it does appear to be from someone with 1st hand experience:

You should read the 1st two reviews on the page. They give you some of the Pros and Cons.
June 30, 2013 9:29:52 AM

i read the review and it seems to work will in 3d
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June 30, 2013 9:35:04 AM

Well, as was mentioned, you also get half the resolution in 3D (every other row is missing) and in 2D, you can see every other line looks different. Not to mention the Tridef complications. As long as that is ok with you, go for it.
June 30, 2013 9:37:51 AM

if u think asus monitor u showed me is best buy then its a done deal. i will go for asus like ur suggestion.

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June 30, 2013 9:42:29 AM

I wasn't saying necessarily what is best. Both have draw backs.

3D Vision 2 monitors:
120hz 2D gaming with near 0 motion blur
Full 1080p resolution
Better support with 3D Vision software
Crosstalk/Ghosting, which has been greatly improved with Lightboost, but high contrast areas still show some ghosting.
Flickering may be noticed with some people.
Heavier glasses (3D Vision 2 version is much improved).

Passive Monitors like the one you are looking at:
No crosstalk, though ghosting can still occur with high enough contrast.
Light weight glasses that are cheap.
Much cheaper
Every other vertical row is not seen
60hz gaming only
in 2D mode, you can see a difference on every other line.
Text in 3D is awful as a result of every other row being hidden.

Both systems are pluses and minuses. I personally think the 3D Vision 2 monitor would be better, and most seem to agree, but not everyone.
June 30, 2013 9:45:45 AM

ok i guess asus u showed is better so i will go with the monitor u showed.
nyways thank you for ur help in deciding.
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June 30, 2013 9:50:07 AM

I'm apologize for the confusion at first. There are so many different compatibility issues with these non 3D Vision systems, it is hard to navigate.

So if you do go with the Asus, which sounds good to me, you will want to have a couple links to better serve you:
Fix games which don't normally work well in 3d:
Lightboost trick for near 0 motion blur in 2D:

Note: The BenQ tends to get better reviews due to better colors, the Asus may need some serious color calibration done. There are tools to help you do this.
June 30, 2013 9:52:36 AM

thanx a lot :) 
October 14, 2013 3:26:08 AM

Asus VG278H 27-inch 120Hz gaming monitor; blended with an NVidia GTX770 is the way to go.

This monitor is AMAZING in 3D. Utterly AMAZING.

Just WOW.


...........and I have seen all the Sony 4K 3D passive Tvs you can shake a stick at, ..............this monitor is far better than any I have ever seen........maybe because it is new type (brighter) Active shutter....which is FAR BETTER than my 3D Nvidia laptop (2010 3D type)...

I can also use my old 3D glasses on this monitor in 3D (as the monitor only comes with one new type set of 3D glasses). They work great with it (strangely [as they are supposed to be darker?]).