Is it possible to upgrade a mac's HDD to an SSD?

Hi, im a novice mac user and I just picked up a late 2006 macbook off ebay and I couldn't help but wonder if there is some way to remove the 120gig 5400rpm sata2 drive it came with for a nice modern OCZ vertex III 60gig sata3 SSD WITHOUT rendering the laptop unstable or otherwise unreliable as im not interested in my non-gaming computer failing at random. Also how would I go about transfering everything from the current hard drive to the new SSD if its even possible for me to install one? Its specs are 1.5 gigs 667 MHz DDR2 ram, 2 GHz Core duo(OCed if this matters), OSx 10.6.8. Thanks.
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    It should be fine, just install the drive like you would a new hard drive and reinstall the OS. Find a video online, Macbooks are hard to take apart. Don't try to clone the hard drive onto the SSD, do a clean install. Don't forget to force-enable TRIM.
  2. How should I do a clean install without the disks as it did not come with those or any manuals, and its not to hard. Already replaced its fans with nicer ones so Im fine taking it apart again.
  3. Well, you could buy them. If you don't want to spend the money check the usual places for ISOs.
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