Windows 7 "forgets" second monitor upon reboot (fine upon driver install)

I have a Gigabyte z77x-ud3h motherboard with onboard Intel graphics. I have updated the graphics drivers both via the Gigabyte motherboard support page AND the Intel support page (current driver

If I *install* or *reinstall* the video driver, Windows 7 will recognize my second monitor without issue. It is also recognized in BIOS setup and in Ubuntu.

When I *reboot* Windows 7, however, it defaults to a single monitor. It will not recognize the second monitor. If I try to detect displays, it says "display not detected."

I need Windows 7 to retain my driver settings after reboot. How is this done?

I feel obliged to say all my drivers are up to date and my monitors are properly configured. This is not an outdated driver issue.
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  1. A day or so of continually re-installing the driver to activate dual screens... no progress in trying to permanently fix the problem.
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