WD Raptor now being seeing by Asus maximus v genezz

There was a disgussion or two on here about the sata Raptor not being seen by the Asus v gene mobo well I figured out that if you plug it into the black sockets on the board and switch to ide under the ACHI setting in bios there you will see you HD. You don't need to download any third part drivers for sata as others had mentioned. It seems the boot priority is default to go to DVD I have the jumper on the back of DVD set to master no jumpers set on the Raptor although there is an article that claims otherwise in here just leave the pins empty.
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  1. This is the solution the the problem hope you enjoy.
  2. this problem and whichever one you were referring to no offense but seem like operator error.
    I have Raptors and VelociRaptors with a V GENE and (knock on wood) never had such issues.
    With SSD and in AHCI mode..
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