building a new pc w/ 780gtx what CPU should I get?

Building a new pc in the 1500-2000$ range and buying a 780gtx evga acx for it

Trying to get the most bang for my buck, what are some good cpu's that will last a couple years before being obselete in gaming (replacing 2600k). Video card is running me 700$ after warranty so 800-1500$ left for the rest (case/mouse/keyboard/monitor not needed)
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    2600k is still up there at the top. unless you absolutely need a hex (or more) for professional purposes then it's not a worthwhile "upgrade" even then it's doubtful you'll notice any difference in games, perhaps in the large multi-player maps of a few games.
  2. Giving my current pc to a lady I take care of, upgrading out of convenience. The pc will be primarily used for gaming and likely will put win7 64bit on.
  3. Well if you've got to go the more cores route there's sandy bridge-E & the hex 3930k, or just on the horizon are the ivy bridge-E cpu's - however that will be at least a couple months away. ivy / haswell lga 1155 / 1150 i7's will be fairly parallel to what you have now, however the motherboard feature sets could offer improvements to multi-card configurations, storage, expansion, audio, ect. either way i'd be going for a upper mid range z series mobo & a k series cpu.
  4. I'm open to anything, if getting another 2600k is still good another 2600k is fine. Cores arn't important to me unless it will enhance gaming
  5. In that case i'd be thinking primarily about what feature set you want from the motherboard & which mobo offers the best measure of "future-proofing" i'd then select an appropriate K-series cpu to match.
  6. 4770k?
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