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Well ive built my first gaming PC and i know little to nothing about computer hardware i had to watch countless video and go to who knows how many websites and forums to finally get it put together and now that its together the computer turns on fine i hear the beep from the on board speaker but my monitor says Reboot ans select proper boot device or insert media in selected boot device and press a key ive switched around the boot priority in the BIOS and nothing ive got a disk that i burned the trial version of windows 8 onto in the dvd drive and i plan to upgrade from that and like i said im basicly clueless when i comes to hardware and the technical stuff when it comes to computers so if anyone can help try to explain what i should do on a very simple level thanks
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  1. Did you make that dvd drive your first boot priority? If it's burned correctly you'll get a notice that says something like: press any key to boot from cd rom. Once you do that it'll walk you through the installation process. Sounds like it's trying to boot from HDD but you don't have an OS installed.

    Or the dvd wasn't burned properly to be used as a boot disk.
  2. Well right now my boot priority in a TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224BB (OMB) no idea what that means but im guessing thats the DVD drive so i guess the problem is how i burned the disk i just downloaded an evaluation copy of windows 8 and then transferred it to the disk apparently either i cant use the evaluation copy as boot media or something else is the problem but after setting that as my boot priority im still getting the Reboot ans select proper boot device or insert media in selected boot device and press a key message
  3. Re-download the evaluation copy and follow the instructions to the letter for how to burn it to disk. It's not a hard mistake to make(I've done it before).
  4. OK thanks ill try it and get back to you
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