How come it is saying i can overclock my i5 3570 non-k ?

Hello, so i was messing around in my bios so i can get my DRAM to 1600mhz because it is set at 1333mhz. However on my motherbaord which is an msi it has the option "oc genie ll" and when i chose it it allows me to change my cpu frequency, when i turn it on it says my cpu frequency is 4.0ghz. How is that possible ? is it just saying that or ?
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    That would be overclocking the baseclock and you can only achieve a few extra mhz with it + it is dangerous for your ram and whatever's in your pci-e slots because you're also overclocking them with the baseclock.
  2. ok thankyou, can you help me with just one more thing, at the moment i am using the oc genie ll so that i can have my ram 1600mhz whixh is what it should be and i kept my cpu at 3.4ghz. Do you know how i can change my Mhz without having the oc genie ll enabled ?
  3. You will have to load a RAM XMP profile in the bios.
  4. ok thanks for your help and quick response, much appreciated. I will go do this now.
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