FPS drops, what am I doing wrong?

Hey there. I've been experiencing quite big FPS drops in TERA online.

I can fight with 40-50fps on max detail on some dungeons then boom;
suddenly mid fight it drops/freezes to 8-13 FPS then stays low till fight ends going back to 50+ or jumps between 8-50 fps.

Lowering details to zero gives nothing. I tried tweaking ini files, messed with all nvidia drivers I could think of but nothing seems to help.

PC is clean, not overheating. System worm free, registry clean, HDD defragmented with over 100gigs free.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the game code simply crap or should I upgrade something in my rig to get rid of those goddamn drops.

PC spec:

CPU: i5 3570K (4 x 3.40GHz)
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB GDDR5
Mobo: GA H61M-S2-B3 (F5 BIOS)
PSU: Corsair Builder Series CXM 430W
RAM: 2x 4GB Kingston DDR3 1333MHz
HDD: Hitachi Desktar P7K500 7200 RPM 250GB
Monitor: Philips 190CW (19" 1440x900)
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  1. Try to run any other game which is similarly demanding and see if you observe same issue there too.

    If FPS drops in that game too then post it here, if not the game is not installed well (Needs reinstalling) or has crappy code.
  2. Thats very common with the game, check there forums. I have the same problem on my i5 3550p + 6870.

    Does turning off your UI give you better frame rates? If so I would try updating flash.
  3. I used to play BnS but on a different cpu (i3 2100) and didn't have such problem there. Don't have acces to that game anymore to check with new cpu.
    It's the 3rd time I redownloaded/reinstalled this game, no change.

    I've been playing with diff GPU drivers from 295 to 320 - same thing.

    One of my friends suggested my PSU might not be enought and it can cause my GPU to starve on power when there's action on the screen, since on the sudden drops GPU can drop to even 15% usage from 60%+.

    Someone else suggested to change HDD to a SSD one and it should stop that.
    No idea if any of that is true tho.

    @mouse24 - Turning UI off gives me normal FPS back in AC and lower lvl instances like SM/CR but didn't try that on other instances.
    My flash is up to date along with shockwave.

    Maybe there are some codek packs/other stuff I could try to make UI work like it should?
  4. Hmmm, codec packs won't help. but what you should do is while the games running open up a cpu/ram usage monitoring program (task manager is easiest but if you have a preferred program go for that one) then when the game dips go check what your usage levels were. MSi Afterburner is good for checking your Vram and clock speeds aswell as GPU usage but if you have something else feel free.
  5. Yeah I'm using HWinfo (x64) + Msi Afterburner (x32)
    The GPU is dropping to like 15% usage or lower with the FPS drops but didn't actualy check the RAM usage since it's a 32 bit aplication and I'm using Win7 Pro x64.

    I'll see if my RAM is affected too and post results, it might take some time till I get into those dungeons to check.

    EDIT: Tested. My vram/pram usage doesn't change while fps drops.
    CPU/GPU frequency also stays the same. only thing doing down is GPU usage.
    Turning UI off makes it shoot back to 60-99% usage (depending from dungeon).

    So, what now?
  6. I'm not really sure to be honest. If you've tried most of the things laid out in the tera forums on this subject then we might be in the same boat. I also was not able to find a fix for it.
  7. This is frustrating, trying to find a fix for months. Had to give up on tanking due to that, healing is still somewhat possible but annoying.
    It looks like the UI is just choking my gpu and making it 'calm down' or something, playing without it is out of the question, can't see my hp, only other party members.

    A year without a solution for UI from devs side. Some people managed to fix it on their own but this shouldn't be happening at all.
    I understand the UI might eat some fps but over half? It's ridiculous.

    I've already spent over 500 euro on upgrading my rig for this dumb game and it still refuses to work like it should.
    How hard can be fixing or changing the UI.
    Noone made a mod for a diff UI/UI back from CBT phase too, which might've fixed it too :/
  8. Best answer
    Finaly managed to fix my fps!

    I gived up already, then nvidia published a 320.49 update for my gpu with the GeForce experience program.
    Installed both, checked this new application. It had a optimization option for Tera so I tried it out not hoping for anything.
    It set my settings to max with 2 exceptions, lurid was set to 0 along with real time optimalization. I was 100% sure this is a joke, even on minimal details I had crap fps.
    Miracle. Checked out instances. Never did I drop below 30 fps, even in KNX and Traverse, other insances can stay at 40-60 fps during battles. It's a whole new game now!
    Screw all people that said I have a weak rig, now I have better fps and detail than they do :lol:

    The new 320.49 nvidia driver with GeForce experience and this small fix I used always managed to give me the experience in Tera I always wanted.
    I hope it might help other people as well.

    Viva la GeForce updates :D
  9. Ooo, interesting, glad you got it fixed!

    Have fun~

    Sorry, I couldn't be of more help :/
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