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I have a very very old computer and I just bought a Geforce GT 620 video card and I bought a 500 Watt power supply the problem I ran into is that the power supply only came with 6+2pin Pci-E connector and 6pin Pci-E connector but the motherboard only has a 4pin PCI-E slot so what am I suppose to do can I connect the 6 pin and like the other two just sit on the side

My power supply

The computer
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    The pci-e connectors go directly to the video card, not the motherboard (except that the gt 620 doesn't require any of the pci-e power connectors). The 4-pin connector on the motherboard is for the cpu, and that psu lists a "4+4 pin cpu connector", so you should be able to separate that and use either of the 4-pin connectors.
  2. The GT620 doesn't need a PCIe connector.

    The 4-pin on the motherboard is for the CPU.
  3. Oops I mean It's to the motherboard I'm sorry
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