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Dear Tom.

I bougth an sabertooth Z77 and i'm trying to install windows 7. When I passed the screen where i can select the version of windows i want to install i get stuck. It allows me to do an actualization or an new copy of windows. After this i get an screen where windows says that it can not find the needed drivers. It does not says what " specific drivers" Also it does not regonize the drivers that are on the DVD that came with the sabertooth motherboard.


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  1. Windows should be able to use the default drivers on the system. Is there already an OS installed on the hard drive or did you buy a new hard drive as well?
  2. Hi hybird, the system is all new. So also the harddrives are new. I have 2 new 1T hard drives installed. i must say that the board (or computer it self) gives an very irritating blipping noise every second. It sounds like an alarm. There is no previouse OS installed.
  3. "version of windows" ? Is that a multiple windows version install disk?
    If you have any other hdd's present, remove their cabling and power cables, only have the SDD as the single hdd present.
  4. No this is an single installation disc. I have already tried to disconnect the other HDD. And no change.
  5. What is your other hardware? Could be the ram is not suited or the PSU is under-powered, just enough power to get to logo screen but nothing more, it should be more than 550 watts especially if using a video card.

    Wht is an "actualization"?

    By the way, Tom is on holdays in Greece so won't be coming to the party.
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