Better one of these GTX 760's?

Hey guys,

I'm going to the USA and bringing back a GPU to the UK because it'll work out cheaper for me. Which one of these is best would you say? There's a slight money difference which doesn't really matter, should I go for the 4GB EVGA or the tweakable Asus? Is one company more reliable than the other? I don't mind if it's not OC'able or whatever. Sorry for nub question as always :)

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  1. The MSI version is the best.
    - It runs the coolest... almost. (Gigabyte version runs cooler, but...)
    - It (MSI) runs the quietest
    - It (MSI) uses slightly less energy than the other versions.
    - Looks great, imo.
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    Asus, MSI and Gigabyte over EVGA and in that order .... I disagree with JRA's conclusions on MSI tho based upon techpowerups reviews

    Asus has lowest idle power, lowestr fan noise and lowest temp under load per techpowerup reviews

    Asus DC II
    9 watts at idle / can handle 210
    25 dBa at idle / 33 under load
    29°C at idle / 68°C under load

    MSI GTX Gamin
    10 watts at idle / can handle 210
    25 dBa at idle / 37 under load
    29°C at idle / 69°C under load

    Gigabyte Windforce
    10 watts at idle / can handle 219
    27 dBa at idle / 37 under load
    36°C at idle / 68°C under load

    10 watts at idle / can handle 207
    26 dBa at idle / 38 under load
    33°C at idle / 72°C under load

    I have to say tho.....not seeing the separation between the Asus and other brands that we saw in the 5xx and 6xx series.
  3. Apologies, I haven't actually seen any reviews of the ASUS version - I didn't know there was one.

    I shall investigate shortly - thanks for the heads up :)

    Apologies to OP for false information.

    EDIT: According to TechPowerUp, the MSI produces 27db at load, and matches the ASUS' 9W idle draw.
    The ASUS does indeed run coolest though.
  4. No worries JAR, I just saw the review ..... but the DCII was super with the 560 ti and the 670 i expected the same kind a dominance with the 760 ..... manages just to squeak by and the performance "outta the box" is disappointing.
  5. I have 2 MSI's on the way can't wait.
  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I have 2 MSI's on the way can't wait.

    I never would've guessed, from that avatar :P

    I'm thinking of ordering one soon - just waiting to see the rap with Battlefield 4, regarding whether it sways towards NVidia like BF3 did, or if the "optimisation" for AMD pays off, in which case I may get a 7950 instead.
  7. Just put that up today...LOL
  8. Out of interest, do you make your own gifs for your avatars?
    They always seem to follow the same "style".

    haha, it looks cool anyway :P
  9. A forum member made them for me.
  10. That's very generous :P
  11. Yes , he is he made me several.
  12. Thanks guys, got my answer!
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