RAID to separate partitions?

Hi all.
I have 3 hard drives: 1 250GB SSD that carries my OS and most installed software, one 2 TB for mass storage, but I also moved my profile folder on there ( so desktop, downloads, documents etc folders are sitting on it) and one 500GB hdd for other junk files and my steam games.

The 2TB AND 500 GB HDDs are starting to lag and sometimes i can hear them skip. I was thinking of getting a 3TB HDD, partitioning it, and RAIDing each HDD to a separate partition on the new HDD so that if they happen to die, my stuff wont disappear and i can avoid hassle. My quesiton is:

Can this be done? Is it possible RAID an entire HDD to a separate virtual partition on a 2nd HDD? Are there better or more advisable ways to back these things up? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you :D

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  1. OK
    1. RAID is not for backup. you would be better getting backup software to periodically copy the data from the older drives to the newer ones. RAID is for redundancy. (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Devices) It's for keeping systems running in the case of HDD failure.

    2. To answer your question, Yes for Intel systems capable of Intel RAID. Intels matrix RAID allows for different RAIDs to be run across partitions. Although performance in your case would prolly be terrible. The one drive would have a terrible time keeping up with 2 RAIDs at the same time.
  2. like what was posted above, your best option is to get that 3TB drive and just copy the data on the other drives to it, partition it how you will
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