Need Help Buying First Laptop!

Hi guys, I'm going to university in 2 months so I'll be using this for gaming and studies.
My budget is maxed at this Asus I'm about to link.
So I'm trying to choose between:

Remember this is for gaming, the Asus gfx card is better, but the i7 is better for the dell laptop. Which one is better? Or is there better for the same price? I cannot go higher than the Asus price.

I live in Canada, remember for taxes!
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  1. The asus is better; the cpu is newer, the battery life is better(very underrated), and most importantly, the 635m (555m rebrand) is faster than a 630m(540m rebrand)

    A 640m will still be better. For $620, this seems good(unless you have a vendetta against acer)
  2. Indeed I do not take liking to Acer very well hahaha. What's the difference for the two processors for the dell and asus? Is there much of a difference?
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    The dell has an i7 quad core with hyper threading, the asus has a dual core i5 with hyperthreading. Basically, the i7 will act like it has 8 cores, the i5 will act like it has 4. They are roughly the same processing power per core,(the i7 is a little better due to higher clock speeds) so the i7 will be faster in multithreaded things, like compressing files, and stuff. For gaming, however, both will be plenty fast enough and shift the bottleneck onto the gpu, making the asus better at gaming.
    Also, the asus cpu is rated at 17w, the dell at 35w, sothe asus will use less power, leading to (probably) better battery life.

    I spent roughly 4 months looking around before i bought a laptop for school/gaming. Now I regret buying a gaming laptop, instead of building a $600 gaming pc myself, and getting a cheap notebook/chromebook.
  4. oh great thanks!
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