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My brother is going out to college and is giving me his tower and graphics card. It's a BFG GeForce 260 and a big step up from the card currently in my computer, the one I built out of scavenged parts. ( AKA its crap) Anyway I wanted to upgrade to Win7 64bit from my 32bit version, so I backed up the zeroed my drive with the Guttman method using DBAN. I hooked everything up in the new case and new card and booted with the windows disk in the drive. I got a message that a, or multiple USBs were over current. I had never gotten that error before so I shut down for an hour to research. When I came back and booted, I only got past the page that lets you into the BIOS before the screen went black and the computer shut itself off. Now it does this every time. Never having this problem before, I ask here. I beleive it's an ASUS P5Q mobo, off the top of my head. I probably made a trivial mistake when hooking something up, and I can provide pictures and specific info, but if anyone has any insight on this, I really need it.

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  1. Hmm bit of a weird development... I unplugged the front USB jumpers, and after positively spamming the DELETE key, got into BIOS setup. I changed it to boot to the CD drive before the hard drive, but a weird thing I noticed was that the hard drive was marked as connected by an IDE cable. My mobo does have one IDE port but it is unused as I have plenty SATA ports. Im going to try to load in windows now, but as far as I can tell, The front USB headers were the overcurrent ones and my computer simply stopped giving me the 15 second shutdown message.
    More to come.
  2. I am an idiot. I was using a monitor I picked up at a garage sale today and it appear to work well but the picture would cut out after the boot screen so I was getting an error message, but not seeing it on the screen. Now I just need to trick windows into installing full win7 with only an upgrade disk.
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