BF3 Lag/ Stutter

I don't know whats going on but bf3 is lagging really bad for me now on multi player. While playing my character jumps back and forth while moving. Hard to even get sniper shots off at a distance because my targets are even moving. My ping on the servers are usually 34.

Pc specs are i7 3770k
gtx 690
asus sabertooth z77
8gb corsair dominator plat 1866
corsair h100
cpu and gpu are staying cool any tips out there ive searched hard cant find anything that works
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  1. check your drivers for updates
  2. computerfreak1 said:
    check your drivers for updates

    I have the latest drivers
  3. Its either a virus or your game files are corrupt, try Anti-Virus scan (Safe mode), then to re-install BF3. If you are unable to remove virus (If it was virus) then you might need to re-install windows and then run in safe mode and remove the virus.
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