Battlefield 3 FPS Drops?

Before I installed my SSD and reinstalled windows, I used to get over 100fps on most Battlefield 3 64player multiplayer maps. Now it drops to 45~25. Nothing else has been changed, and every driver is up to date and in the correct slot on my motherboard. Tried multiple nvidia drivers etc.
Nothing is and has ever been overclocked.

My specs are:
i5 3570k
Gigabyte GTX 670
8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Corsair 850w
Kingston Hyper X 120gb
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  1. Have you tried --->

    A new SSD will load maps faster, not slow down the game... something could be downclocking your game, a driver issue, or something is creating more lag as you play. Have you optimized your SSD settings already?
  2. Are you comparing the same maps from before and now? From every account, most 64 man multiplayer maps are going to have FPS drops and there isn't much you can do about it, while single player will allow for much higher FPS.
  3. I'll check out that link now. Yes I'm comparing the same maps from before and now, all the 64 player maps.
  4. It is highly unlikely you never saw dips below 60 FPS prior to the SSD on 64 man maps. You may have just not paid attention prior, and now you are highly focused on anything new and have been looking at your FPS.
  5. Nope, I never dropped below 60 fps. I upgraded my system about a month before buying this SSD and I've been very focused on my fps. It's dropping below 45 fps on maps like caspian, gulf etc and it's noticeable to the eye even not looking at the frames.
  6. I don't know, I can only show you what googling turns up:

    It has also been said a lot of the dips on MP is server related as well. It may be the servers you've used are just a bit slower now.
  7. It's only changed in the past day though, since I reinstalled Windows. I'm still curious as to why it's dropping now. :C
  8. Try running benchmarks and other games. Perhaps the difference is due to settings. While I find it unlikely you ever played maps like Caspian at 100+ FPS at all times, testing benchmarks can show if your system is running properly or not with something you can compare. Multiplayer is rarely ever benchmarked due to the randomness in its nature.
  9. I don't think it matters whether it was playing at 100+ or not, what matters now is that on a lot of spots it's dropping to 45 and sometimes to 25.

    Heres a perfoverlay with my framerate and usage~

    GPU-Z (Idle)

    CPU-Z (Idle)

    Edit: I had a random drop to 25 fps on another server.

    I keep a solid FPS most of the time it's just some sweet spots that drop it to 40 on all maps now.

    Even on low it's dropping to 50~

    Ran Unigine Heaven with the Extreme Preset, which as far as I've read is lower than what others have gotten with the same setup.

    + A custom
  10. I ran the Heaven benchmark on a single 680 that is clocked at 1084 out of the box using the same settings as the last benchmark you posted. It appears your score is very similar to mine, which is good for a 670, depending on your clocks. By that benchmark, the 670 is performing normal.

    Uploaded with

    If there is a problem it is with the CPU or server.
  11. Ooh thankyou. That puts my mind at ease a little bit more.
    I thought my results were bad honestly lol
  12. u r getting 100 fps wow i am getting 72 in bf3 during explosion it drops to 30 and it is 100 percent normal
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