What is the difference between these two DDR3 Ram Sticks?

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  1. better lantecy and lower voltage. If you don't plan on overclocking the ram then no its not worth it. You will see a higher score on benchmarks, but in real world applications, they will both be the same
  2. The Tactical as said above lower voltage and tighter timings so will perform a bit better, should also have higher hearoom for OCing, might well get these to 1866 at a respectable CL wherethe others may hit 1600 at a dismal CL10
  3. what is the significance of the lower voltage? What are the advantages of overclocking ram for professional applications like autodesk inventor/ solidworks. What about in gaming?
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    For any app, OCing can get you better performance often for a few (sometimes a lot) dollars less....To me the real significance of the low voltage sets is that it is providing DRAM manufacturers a chance to play real worl w/ lower voltage - why?....DDR 4 will prob spec between 1.25 to 1.35 depending on who you talk to and which way the wind is blowing, vs the current 1.5 DDR3 standard. In gaming, there are some games that like and use faster DRAM, these sticks can prob run 1600/9 (about baseline for 1600 sticks or 1866 at CL10)
  5. Lower voltage also means lower heat on ya memory controller in CPU
  6. That's if you can lower the MC (memory controller) voltage and still run the sticks, which may not always work as the MC is designed to work with JEDEC, 1.5, spec DRAM, so ineffect undervolting the MC can throw off the balance between the vCore and the MC voltage
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