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Alright I am extremely confused. I am trying to download realtek hd audio manager and so far all ive been able to download is the driver and when i do that there is no option to open a program or anything of that nature. I really need realtek because I am trying to play audio through my speakers and headphones simultaneously. Can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong? Thanks everyone.

Also, my Mobo is an ASRock Z68, and when I go to their site to see the drivers, realtek is listed and I tried that download as well. no luck.

I have a Rocketfish 7.1 sound card installed as well. I am not sure if this conflicts somehow. I have my speakers plugged into that, but I am trying to just use my headphones on the front audio jack on my computer itself.
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  1. Hi, ive installed the driver as well and audio manager comes with it by default. Next to the speaker icon in system tray, do you have an upward arrow? For windows 7, click that and there should be another speaker looking icon thats Realtek Audio manager.

    or you can find it in Control Panel\Hardware and Sound.
  2. Yeah see for me I do not have that icon. Also when I click start and search for it I only get the .exe installation file
  3. Did you get drive from Asrock or Realtek? Try Realtek, download the latest drive for your operating system, hopefully it will give you the audio manager like it did for me.
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