AMD HD5850 extremely weird noise

Hi there. Over the last few weeks, my girlfriends graphics card have been making a really really weird noise. Listen to it here:

We've tried to clean the cooler, but that dosent change anything. Do you have any ideas, what this might be? Also, when she plays Sims 3, her cooler goes to 100% fan speed and runs really hot too. Is it a software error or something like that? Its never been overclocked.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. have you updated the gpu's driver prior before? have you used amd's uninstall utility before doing so? have you or her fiddle with the gpu's fan controller via the driver?
    but judging by the video, it reminded me of my old hd4770 right before it goes belly up and straight up died on me. it might be time to let the old 5850 go and just buy a cheaper hd7750 if she'll only be using it for sims 3.
  2. Sounds like a bad bearing.
  3. NoKid > Yeah, that might be the solution to buy a new card. I mean, she plays WoW and she plays Sims 3. Shes not into any sort of FPS. We havent done anything regarding fan control, and the driver is updated. I cant remember if we used the ATI uninstall, but it dosent hurt to give it a try.

    SR > Yeah, youre the third person to mention that now, so it might be something like that.
  4. I would say from the sound it's a bearing .
  5. So whats the best thing to do? Change the fan or buy a new card? Mind you, cards are quite expensive in Denmark :(
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    Bearing for sure , sounds just like yours ^
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    Thanks for posting!
  8. I think youre right. Should I replace the fan or get a new card?
  9. Replace for sure.
  10. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Replace for sure.

    Is that difficult? I've never tried it before :>
  11. As in buy a new card.
  12. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    As in buy a new card.

    Ah crap. Alright, thanks your help though, its nice finally to figure out whats wrong with that card :)
  13. Your welcome ,glad to help.
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