Don't know why HDD failed temporarily?

Hey guys, not looking for a solution but the reason and cause of a problem I had 30m ago.

I was using my computer, talking to a buddy on Skype when Skype started crashing. Then I could still move the mouse and everything, but the computer was unresponsive. Restarted the computer and every single time when Skype started up, the same thing happened. After a few improper shutdowns, my BIOS wouldn't recognise my HDD anymore!! So I opened the computer up, checked the cables, tried different SATA connections, no luck.

After restoring everything once more to the original connections, I tried again...still no luck. Then I was searching the problem on my girlfriends computer, figured out that my HDD must be dead, and tried once more to boot it up now that 10 minutes or so had passed.

To my surprise, everything worked, and Skype didn't crash the computer either. So my question is - what the hell happened? How could my HDD resurrect itself from the dead? Or was this some protection after so many crashes?

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  1. Heat, sunspot activity, ram errors ...
    Powering off and back on later can sometimes get things working properly again since somethings just need reinitializing. I would defintitely maintain a current backup just in case.
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