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I'm not interested in overclocking, but i just got a "new" Phenom II X4 910E (HD910EOCK4DGM) and want to see if it's up to speed.

Currently it's been idling at 35 ºC and 1400RPM.

I've searched around and there doesn't seem to be that many tools for Linux. I've seen cpuburn which has very poor, if nonexistent, documentation; and ltp, which tests a lot of things and as far as CPUs go, it uses cpuburn.

How can i stress test it and monitor temperatures (or introduce a cut-off if it nears toasting)? What do you guys use?

This is really just a one-off.
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  1. The program used in windows to stress test a CPU to its max is 'Prime 95'. The linux version of Prime +5 is 'mprime'.
    Simply download the tarball from

    Extract the contents to a folder of your choice or create one specifically for Prime95. Navigate to this folder and open a terminal and execute this command "./mprime".
    It should ask you a few questions as to how to torture test your computer and away you go.
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