2 cpu fans on MSI Z77A-GD55

Im planning on having 2 cpu cooler fans onto cpu cooler (212 evo) via y splitter on MSI Z77A-GD55

I will be using the 212 evo default fan (0.19amp) with the bladmaster PWM (0.36amp)

Was wondering is it safe to do so?
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    Yes :)

    Most boards are good for 1 amp and in this case, the fans will get 12 volts and the pwm signal will control the speed.

    If you have speed sensing issues when you set this up, make sure ONLY 1 of the fans has the tach/rmp sense cable(yellow on most fans, but some use other colors too) connected. Almost every Y cable I have seen splits that too. Simply put, that is wrong but a quick removal of the wire will fix you up.
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