Which graphic card is stronger? PNY GTX 650? or EVGA GTX 470?

Hi i currently have a PNY GTX 650 2gb graphic card in my custom built pc and my cousin has an extra old EVGA GTX 470 in his closet and he told me that the EVGA GTX 470 will run games much smoother with better frame rates than my PNY GTX 650 2gb graphic card. I'm a noob at these computer parts so I wanted to ask you guys because i can't tell which is better for me to play on pc online gaming for games like tera online and Aion thanks.
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  1. 470 will run hotter and consume more power but will have better performance.
  2. Which 650 ?

    The 650 is 3 tiers below the 470
    The 650 Ti is 1 tier below the 470
    The 650 Ti Boost is 1 tier above the 470
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