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I recently bought a new motherboard and had to purchase a new windows 7 OEM key and I lost all my old OEM software such as Cyberlink Power DVD 10, which is what I used to use to play Blu Rays.

Are there any free/reeeeally cheap software out there that support blu ray discs and plays them well?
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  1. Not sure how it does with encrypted blu-ray disks, but VLC and KLite Codec Pack both have the necessary codecs. DVDFab HD Decrypter does on-the-fly decryption at no cost.
  2. Do you know the Easy DVD player? the latest version is support the Blu-ray playback now. It seems the cheapest Windows Blu-ray player software now.

    Other tools,refers to:
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    I ended up buying a CD copy of PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D mark II , for £20. I bought it quite a while ago, I just hope it's not OEM!
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