Problems with installing/running software and even extracting zipped files?

Alright so I have this homebuilt desktop (specs: Intel i5 2400 CPU, ASRock Z75 Pro3 mobo, AMD Radeon HD 7700 gfx card, Corsair CX600M PSU, and a small 60 GB corsair SSD).

The problem is that I had problems with my old homebuilt with the mobo and PSU, so I replaced/upgraded both into the specs I just mentioned after the mobo stopped working entirely.

I didn't change much and every part besides the PSU/mobo is from the old system. I'm using the same SSD, software etc.

So I've started running into a few problems; for some reason or another, I'm having trouble;

1) Installing any software on the C:\ drive.
2) Extracting zipped folders in the C;\ drive.
3) Running programs (thus far limited to both anti-virus scans and updates (INCLUDING windows updates)

It all bugs out with various errors, could this be from registry errors/problems with windows from changes in hardware? If so, what should I do, should I just re-install windows in general? Is/are there any other solutions?
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  1. what the error?
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