Do I need to reapply thermal paste after replacing cooler?

Hello, I'm thinking of buying Cooler Master Hyper 212+ EVO because my temperatures are pretty high on my stock cooler that came with CPU (Intel Core i5-4670K). You can read about my temperature problems on this topic I made: So, I'm going to buy this cooler, but the question is do I need to reapply thermal paste on the CPU after removing stock one and putting new on. I got my computer 4 days ago so it's pretty new and do I really need to waste some extra money to buy thermal paste? What are your opinion about this?

Thank you.
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  1. The Hyper 212 comes with thermal paste.

    Clean the old stuff off and apply the new.
  2. Sure you need to replace the old thermal paste with a new one without second thought.Don't forget to remove the old one.
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    Yes, you need thermal paste and the CM 212 Evo comes with some. Clean the old thermal paste off the cpu with some 99% rubbing alcohol and some paper towel or napkin. Why 99% rubbing alcohol? Because it will evaporate off of the cpu and leave no water. You can find it at some stores that have a pharmacy, you may have to order some. You will only need a small plastic bottle of it of about 16 fluid ounces, the rest you can use to clean the cpu again or clean your cuts if you wound yourself putting the computer together.
  4. OK, now I know what to do, thanks. I picked fixer762 post as solution because every post was useful, but he's post contained most info.
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