How Much GPU CUDA Cores & Memory?


I'm planning my first build, and I need some advice on what specs my GPU should have.

I have 2 1080p monitors. I will be doing HD photo and video (1080p) editing using PhotoShop, Sony Vegas, etc. on both screens. As a chemist, I will also be running intensive 3D protein and molecular modeling and simulations (most likely multiple simulations on both screens).

How much GDDR5 memory and CUDA cores should I aim for in a graphics card so that everything runs smoothly? Most likely, I won't be playing any games.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Just an off the wall suggestion for a high/mid range card right now. I could be wrong but I think Video rendering takes more CPU horsepower than GPU, yet 3-D work would use the GPU more it seems, I am not an expert in what you are doing, I approach this from a graphics value performance prospective.

    Nvidia recently released the GTX-770, a reworked GTX-680 built on the GK-104-125 with higher clocks and effective memory bandwidth that sports a TDP of 230W, 1536 CUDS, 128 texture units....bla bla bla

    It is a great performer at $400, about the best bang for the buck in that price range you can get today. This would be my pick for your use. If you find you need more power the GTX-780 is a beast for $650 and runs on the GK-110 core, a crippled Titan.

    The 770 comes in 2GB and 4GB flavors, for nice texture eye candy the 4GB would be perhaps more attractive for your needs. I would suggest an EVGA brand because their service and support in the Nvida line is 2nd to none, although their stock clock rates are somewhat conservative compared to Gigabyte or ASUS. Many here love MSI for video, I do not. Hope this helps get you started finding the right card for you...
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