Need a driver for Phillips Asus tuner card (very old one)

My friend gave me this old Phillips tuner card and I need a driver for it. Windows recognizes the card but cant find a driver for it. This is what I got from the stickers on the card. 3139 147 18261B# FM1236/f H-3 SV21 0520 HP P/N 5188-1744 C1VE61 C565031-00006 S/N: 56CM157242. I also tried using a program called DriverMax 7 and it didn't detect the card. when I go to device manager it's just labeled Multimedia Video Controller. When I go under properties and click update driver, then click "search automatically for updated driver software" it immediately says "Windows could not find driver software for your device." I've also searched many times for a driver online already and no website has it that i know of. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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    Thats an Asus Falcon2 card
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