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Is this Room Temperature Bad for my PC?

Ok, so my room has no air conditioning for the summer and no heat in the winter. Sounds odd, I know. Anyway, in the summers, the room gets quite warm up to about 29-30 degrees. In the winters, it may drop down to 16-20. I'm not exactly sure if these temperatures are accurate, but I am assuming. The temperatures in my computer are about 34 degrees (for my graphics card) and 38 degrees (processor) as I'm typing this out right now in the summer. So is this something I should worry about? Also, I have a Hyper 212 plus and 4.5 inches clearance to the side, and a 7 inch clearance in the back. Front is clear with nothing in the way. Also, the computer set on the ground, not a desk or a shelf.
Intel Core i5 - 3570k
NVIDIA GTX 660 Twin Frozr
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  1. Nothing to worry when it is @ 34C, anything above 85C should you be worried.
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    Okay, so your temps are perfectly fine for your hardware, though idle temps don't matter as much as load temps.
    Your GPU's max is 97c and your CPU's max is 80c before you start overheating.
    Though, it's not an immediate problem, but it may decrease their longevity.
    So you should probably keep it under 75c for the CPU and 85c for your GPU.

    If you think that you maybe able to get better temps, then try checking for dust in your PC and cleaning any that you find, since this can cause an unfair amount of extra heat, and adding more fans may do you some good too. :D
    Also changing thermal paste may drop it down a few degrees Celsius, but unless it's overheating, it probably won't do much good.
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