Using multiple SSD's for games and OS

I was considering buying 2 SSDs; one for ONLY Windows 7, probably Professional, and one for my games, specifically Skyrim. All other documents and stuff would be on a separate hard drive. The SSD with the OS would have absolutely nothing else on it.

I was wondering whether I would have any noticeable performance by using this setup over a single SSD. If so, what should the capacity of the OS drive be?
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  1. Games don't perform any faster on a SSD.

    OS=120 GIG. SSD.

    Windows OS will run much faster.
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    I would buy one bigger SSD which can host your OS, apps and games. But games will only load faster, usually gameplay will be the same.
    Drives like the Samsung 840 are not that expensive even when buying 500 GB.
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