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i have an HD 7970 and i7 2600k @ 4.5GHz, and i've heard that in Borderlands 2 you can edit the config file (change the PhysX level value to 0, 1 or 2) to make the CPU do the PhysX work. i've also heard, however, that with AMD cards it automatically offloads the PhysX work to the CPU. i'm wondering if my CPU can handle that, and if so, is it even worth doing? or should i just use the normal PhysX settings in the menu?

also, if i do have to edit the config file, do i have to do anything in the graphics settings menu too? or just the file? and if any of you have an AMD card and have played the game, please offer your insights on how PhysX has worked for you.
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  1. the cpu can probably take low, but regardless of choice, you will loose overall fps(still playable using a 7970 though)
  2. maybe this?

    C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Config\WillowEngine.ini

    Search for:



    PhysXLevel=0 (low)

    to either:

    PhysXLevel=1 (mid)


    PhysXLevel=2 (high)
  3. yeah, i know how to change it (thank you, though), i'm just wondering if i should, or if i should just use the normal settings in the game menu. and if i do use that route to edit the config file, do i also have to change the game settings to match in the menu, or whether or not it matters. it's just kinda confusing me, and i want to get it figured out before i start playing lol.

    dudewitbow said:
    the cpu can probably take low, but regardless of choice, you will loose overall fps(still playable using a 7970 though)

    on a youtube video i saw a guy playing on high using the normal PhysX settings in the menu, and he was using a 7970. he said the absolute lowest the frames dipped for him was 45fps on high, which is acceptable for me if that's the lowest and it's usually at or close to 60.
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    Plenty of info here:

    To summarize: If you are playing Borderlands 2 in Single Player mode, carefully avoiding fluid emitting weapons/enemies and staying away from certain areas of the game – you may find a CPU execution of PhysX effects sufficient. But if want really comfortable gameplay, without any compromises – presence of NVIDIA GPU is still a mandatory.

    P.S. if PhysX option is grayed out on your system, you still can change the settings using "PhysXLevel" parameter in "WillowEngine.ini" file:
    (\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Config)

    PhysXLevel=0 - PhysX Low
    PhysXLevel=1 - PhysX Medium
    PhysXLevel=2 - PhysX High

    It will depend on the scene you are playing, but Medium should work most of the time. These benchmarks are using an i7 2600k, like you have.

    Less demanding scene:

    More intense PhysX effects in scene:
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