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For my first build, I was looking into one of the new GTX 780/770s with the Titan shroud. Once the 770 (Titan shroud) became unavailable, it was made obvious that 780 was the way to go. Unfortunately I'm forced to buy from Best Buy because of my already open credit line with them however, they only have a PNY brand 780. Though the 780 is completely Nvidia reference with the Titan shroud and illuminated GTX logo, the brand itself is what kind of turns me off. Any verdicts on PNY as a company? I'm hoping that if you respond, you've had experience with PNY.

Thanks for your time!

P.S. Here's the product link for the 780 that I'm talking about:
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  1. Get the pny card, pny provides lifetime warrenty for the gtx 780
  2. The cards are all identical in every possible way so don't worry about it.
  3. PNY? Not a deal breaker....I would.
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    I have a PNY GTX 580, which means I also have their lifetime warranty. I am looking forward, actually, to the RMA process at some point in the future, after they are out of stock of GTX 580's so any replacement card will be from the latest generation. Lifetime warranties are nice, because it's inevitable that you will use it, and when you do, it should end up being a free upgrade.

    Also, the PNY GTX 780 reference model is identical to any other brand. And if it matters to you, PNY is an American company based in Brooklyn, NY.
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