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i recently updated the bios (version 1803) on maximus v formula and it seems ok except boot option. i have corsair 128 gs ssd which is primary drive and western digital 2 tb plus samsung 1 tb. any way in bios , the boot option section it shows only the samsung 1 tb so no way to select my corasair ssd as 1st boot priority. the only option is pressing F8 when booting and it gives different boot option menu then the SSD abd WD 2 tb is shown then i have to select the ssd everytime pc get booted. seems weird.

anyone have experience with such issues ? if so please help me solve this. any idea is appriciated
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    after bios update i reconnect the sata (red ports) cables and now works fine. it shows on bios and can change the hard disk proiority. cheers
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