Keyboard doesn't work with ASRock 970 extreme3 R2.0 MB. Please help.

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
MB: ASRock 970 extreme3 R2.0
RAM: Patriot Viper 3 "Black Mamba" 2x4gb dual channel 1600 ddr3
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB fresh from the store, no previous installs
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 XT
PSU: XFX pro550W
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

My Problem:
First of all the MB doesn't recognize any USB keyboards through any USB port, even after I tried enabling and disabling the usb legacy settings in ASRock's UEFI. The only way I have been able to access said "BIOS" is with a USB to PS2 adapter and even then only one of the 3 keyboards that I have worked (I actually went and bought 2 really cheap ones) after setting up the boot priorities and rebooting in to the Windows install CD this happens: windows loads files, everything is fine, the num lock light on the keyboard is lit, then I get the windows splash screen with an animation and right before I'm blinded with the blue background of the "Choose language" part of the install, all 3 lights on the keyboard blink and turn off. from here on the one keyboard through a PS2 adapter stops working.

What I tried doing:
-tried updating the UEFI but this version of the 970 Extreme3 only has one initial version available. (the regular one had a lot but R2.0 only has one)
-tried every single possible configuration of the USB setting (Legacy on/off, 3.0 on/off) in the UEFI
-reset the CMOS
-tried every single usb port on the front and back of the tower
-tried plugging all 3 keyboards in when already in the windows setup screen

to conclude: one keyboard only works in bios through ps2, other 2 (99% working) aren't being recognized by the MB. All 3 keyboards are really basic and shouldn't rely on any drivers or anything.

Am I doing it wrong? Did I miss some stupid setting in the UEFI? I'd really hate to have to send it back to the store, pay for shipping, wait another 2 weeks and buy more thermal paste for the CPU...

Help me out guys (and girls). You're my only hope. Thank you.

Edit: what's your experience with an ASRock 970? I'm having second thoughts about this MB. I read online that one guy's board warped from the weight of an after-market cooler and he had to repace it after just one year. What's another good MB for under $100 that's relatively overclockable and fits an AM3+ chip? or should i get an i3? That's really the only Intel CPU in my budget. I'm leaning towards AMD because other than gaming (mostly WoW) I'm also going to be running lots of autoCAD and I read that 6 core CPUs are much better for that. Thanx again.
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  1. This board is quite new so we'll have to so troubleshooting step by step. Did your USB mouse work with this mobo?
  2. Madn3ss795 said:
    This board is quite new so we'll have to so troubleshooting step by step. Did your USB mouse work with this mobo?

    It kind of did. not through the USB ports though. only through the PS2 adapter and only in the UEFI. And when it did the cursor pretty much just bounced around the edges of the screen. It was impossible to use.
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    Return the board then. You've got a model with defective outputs. The first version of 970 extreme3 was kinda buggy, too. At 100$, Gigabyte 970a-UD3 would be the best replacement, with 8+2 phases power design for some heavy overclocking, plus tons of other connectors. The only feature it lacks is proper crossfireX/SLI support. And there's no need to switch is Intel, as an i3 is only equal with a FX4300 in terms of performance.
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