Motherboard sound card broken, will external sound card work?

hey guys, I recently spilled some water on my comp and chaos ensued. Graphics card is fudged and now it looks like there might be some damage to my motherboards sound card. If I install a cheap PCI sound card will this remedy the issue? As I'm a little strapped for cash after ordering a new graphics card.

Further notes: the motherboard was fine until I tried plugging an older graphics card. Installed the graphics card into the PCIe slot, turned the computer on and bam sound dead.

Will PCI sound card remedy a faulty motherboard sound card?
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    Yes, you can use a discrete PCI sound card as a replacement for your dead onboard sound controller.
  2. in theory it should remedy the issue

    however you said yourself that the water seem to have damaged the sound card and graphics card, so it's possible if other PCIe slots are dead as well.

    one other cheap alternative would be to get a sound extractor for HDMI like this:

    it'll split the audio information out of your HDMI cable, allowing it to go to your speakers
  3. oh awesome, thanks for the answers guys. And it doesn't look like the PCI ports are damaged at the moment. My first PCIe slot got drenched but letting it dry and giving it a light wipe down has done the trick and it is working fine for now.
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