How to get back my files from a formatted and partitioned hard drive?

My external hard drive had been accidentally formatted. It is a Seagate 1TB hard drive. Moreover, this formatted hard drive had also been partitioned into three. Is there still a way to get back my files saved on this drive?
Any idea could be appreciated.
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  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard or something similar. Some files may be unrecoverable
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    Have you write anything new on this drive after the formatting and partitioning?

    In fact, after the formatting process, your saved files on this drive are not actually gone as you think. They are still there and become invisible for you. So, as long as you've not write anything new to rewrite them, you could have a big chance to get them back. So, be careful and do not to write new things on this drive.

    In order to get back your data, you need to opt for data recovery software, which easily retrieve your inaccessible data back.

    So, download a most proper one for your drive after doing much related searching over the internet.

    Note: Do not save the restored files on this drive in case of data recovery failure.
    Learn to back up all your important files all the time.
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