New Acer laptop won't play DVDs from my region

I bought a new Acer Aspire V5 touch yesterday. It came with ClearfiMedia - but this software won't play DVDs from my region. My region is region 4 - and I am trying to play shop bought region 4 DVDs which I bought in Australia - the packaging on the DVDs say they are region 4 - and they worked in our previous Acer laptop. What should I do?
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    Your Acer's optical drive may be set to a different region code, or it may not have the code set.

    This might help you set your DVD player's region code if it is not setup properly:
  2. Update. Problem seems to have resolved itself - but I had to switch the computer off and retry half a dozen times. Overall first impression - very glitchy - it shouldn't take all day to get the basics like an optical drive working on a brand new computer...
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