Cpu freezes while gaming when lots of effects on the screen. Help?

Many thanks to Lazyboy947 and everyone else who commented! All of you helped me, Lazyboy just had the one of the best solution. Thanks again all of you! :D

For starters English is not my first language so be nice.

tl;dr - Cpu ruins my fps during games, other hardware seems fine, six cores 3.20 Ghz doesn't seem to cut it, don't want to buy a new hardware without knowing for sure its my Cpu.

My problem:
While playing LoL (League of Legends) i will run at 60-62 fps during but at random intervals it will drop to 30 fps or even 20, but after i get a kill and there are a moderate amount of effects on the screen my fps drops to 0 for about around 1-2 seconds as most gamers know seconds in Rts games matter. But unluckily for me that's not all during other games, (Lets just use Starctaft II as the example) I have all the setting at lowest and my resolution at native to my screen, but when i have a big fight with lots of units my computer slows to around 2 fps or what i like to call a "Slideshow" where i get an updated picture every second or so. since the fps dropping usually only happens when lots of objects are in play, this has lead me to believe this is a Cpu issue and to post here. Since i'm not rich i cant go and buy a new Cpu now i have to save up. My question is i want to make sure the problem is my Cpu only and not go and spend money for no reason.

Info on my computer:
-2 Years old
-Custom built
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series
Cpu: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor 3.20 Ghz.
Ram: 16 gb DDR3
Power: 850W

Random info Windows gave me:
-Manufacturer MSI
-Total amount of system memory 16.0 GB RAM
-System type 64-bit operating system
-Number of processor cores 6

- AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series
-Total available graphics memory 9983 MB
-Dedicated graphics memory 2048 MB
-Dedicated system memory 0 MB
-Shared system memory 7935 MB
-Display adapter driver version
-Primary monitor resolution 1920x1080
-DirectX version DirectX 10

I'm pretty sure i need to replace my Cpu but during gaming it never goes past 60% and my ram always stays below 40 while gaming i run "Razer Gamebooster" its a product that turns down settings on my Pc to make it run smother, im decently experienced with computers so i know this is not slowing my gaming/pc whatsoever. i also run YouTube in the background but i have also tried playing games without YouTube and it does not effect my fps. Also when playing there is nothing in my task bar besides my Radeon graphic's card menu, which i cannot turn off and other Windows 7 stuff. All of my drivers are updated my games are Defraged and i have no virus, what has me confused is 2 years ago 6 cores was very uncommon and now my Cpu cant ever run old games without lots of lag such as "Garrys Mod" which i used to run flawlessly using my old Cpu. For reference all the games i play are on lowest even when sites say i can run it on max. I have tried games on lowest and max setting and no matter the setting the fps drop is still the same. Thank you for reading this :D and if i forgot any info ask in the comments and i will answer right away!

Thank you very much for trying to help me. my temps are not great but my fans run mostly 75-95% range of their max so it might be my temp since i got a new power supply my case is a little too small so the wiring is not allowing the best airflow at the moment, Also now that i see that user "gaborbarla" mentioned paste, i did not build the computer myself but i know there was paste when it was built. But since it has been 2 years i really need to put new paste on. (Thank you for teaching me something new, that paste is not a one time thing at the installing of the Cpu) I used an 3rd party software to check for drivers that were not my graphic card and i don't remember updating my Cpu drivers in a long time so that could be one of the problems effecting my computer. I really appreciate all the fast responses and will try out all your suggestions. :D

Update 2:
Since installing what user "Gaborbaria: recommenced i checked and my temperatures while my Pc is running Google Chrome with YouTube and this page up, my computer is using 8-11% of my Cpu and 14% of my ram. My cores are running between 67-68C Graphics card is at 50C, harddrive is at 36C, it seems like my fans are going very fast in order to not overheat my Computer. I have yet to test this while gaming since it is very late were i am so tomorrow i will update this thread, hopefully saying that it was my Cpu overheating the whole time. But since i don't believe that overheating is causing all of my problems it wont hurt to update my drivers and apply new paste. :)
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  1. hello,

    my first suspect was high temps but i dont believe cpu thermal throtling will give you 2 FPS.(even in this cas, check your temps, its summer now :D)
    Do you have the latest drivers for the GPU?
    Considering that you have dx10 (windows vista) have you tried to run windows 7 to see if you have the same issues?
    Have you tried a fresh instal of Vista with the latest drivers from AMD?
  2. Hi "slideshow" as you put is often a sign of overheating a throttling back. It is likely your CPU that is overheating, graphics cards tend to crash or artifact instead of slideshowing.

    You can confirm this by installing a cpu temperature monitor program

    Then if the CPU is over 80C you found the problem. let the game play out and switch to your CPU monitor when it is doing the slideshow.

    To fix that problem you need some thermal paste (but not a lot just about a pea size) and take the CPU remove old paste and put new one on in the middle and push on to spread everywhere.
    Hope this helps
  3. Best answer
    still a very good cpu, and seems like the games u play or at least mentioned are not the best for multi core use which the six core excel in. Those games prefer a faster single core performance and use prob a dual core, the phenom IIs are still good cpus and have good single core performance. I would say if u can overclock ur cpu, my 1055t oc to 3.7ghz runs everything i need it to without any issues.

    Also seems possibly like a driver issue, as some new drivers that just release can cause issues, so attempt to go back a gpu driver right before the current one if it fixes anything then report the issue if not then gotta keep looking lol

    Just noticed but the "info windows gave you" shows ur running directx10, but if thats from windows index and system properties then its prob not showing right, go the start button and in the search bar type "dxdiag" should make sure ur running directx 11.

    One last thing i can think of is possible going bad ram, go download the bootable usb memtest 86 and run it on all sticks and if u get errors then individually test each stick determine the bad ones, if bad then rma as ram is lifetime warranty.
    On memtest86 website there should be a auto bootable usb file to download that will format the usb and everything i think auto installer for usb or something. Ram can cause quite a bit of issues when it starts going bad like bsods, corrupt files, game crashing and lag etc
  4. I have the same problems with LOL. I do not think it has anything to do with you. I get the same problems with it running fine at 65+ frames as I have Vsync locking it at that. But randomly it drops to 30 and then back up. I believe it is a bug in the game. As i'm running an 8350 at 4.6 ghz and have a 7870 le gpu running at 1200mhz. Every other game I play I have no issues with any frame drops or heat for that matter. I have no issues with heat as I've burn tested the settings i'm currently running at. I blame the coding in the game. It could even be the Catalyst drivers we are using. I don't play the game enough to care about the occasional slow down.... But if you find out let us know.

  5. gaborbarla said:

    Then if the CPU is over 80C you found the problem. let the game play out and switch to your CPU monitor when it is doing the slideshow.

    Hope this helps

    While gaming i checked my temperatures using that program and shockingly they stayed the same! all my cores were running between 67-68C. Now I will continue to try out solutions mentioned in the comments here, but i honestly thought that this was the main problem since the fans i have came with the case and are loud as jets XD. But thanks for the help. :D
  6. 60c is quite high for the phenom II series its near the max temp and most cpus will give a temp warning at 60c and ur lag is prob being caused by the high temps, get a new cooler, dust, get better airflow or re apply thermalpaste and should help ur issue. Explains why u never had issues when u first built the pc and afterwards
  7. 68 celsius with only Chrome opened...thats very high indeed.
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