Can't open any .exe files

Earlier today i downloaded some questionable content recklessly, i got the v9 virus and probably something else too.
I haven't been able to get rid of v9 but that's hardly anything compared to the other thing i got.
So basically I wasn't able to open chrome and it said smoething about my internet security settings not letting me open it. So I was like w/e and started searching for answers on IE. Eventually i couldn't open ie because of the same reason, and now i can't even access control settings. I also tried to factory reset but it wouldn't do anything when i hit the button. The reason for everything is that internet security settings thing. Since it all happened gradually I suspected someone had access to my comp. remotely or it was slowly spreading through the hard drive, so i closed the comp but my info was probably already stolen or something.

Any ideas on how to fix?
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  1. bump
  2. Do not bump.

    You format your drive and reinstall Windows.
  3. I think you need to restore your system. Earlier restore will help more. then bump or format...:no: Let me know if it work.
  4. Format the drive. Reinstall the OS.
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    OK i have a fix. LOL this seems to be a thing running around now. You need to somehow download and transfer the Vista version of the Microsoft Fixit, then run it, its an .msi file, so it should not be affected by your file association corruption.

    There it is, download, run it and then restart. Viola...
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