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hello how do i find out how many amps are on my 12 volt rails im running a 240 watt proprietary power supply in an hp dc5850 small form factor pc how do i figure out how many amps are on my 12 volt rails thanks
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  1. Does your PSU has a sticker on it?
  2. i beleive it has a sticer on it id have to pull it out of the case this week and look at it but i think it does
  3. Keep us informed whenever you can see the sticker :)
  4. cant you just tell me what to look for on the sticker
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    The amount of 12V rail's Amps is placed right under "+12V" on the table. You should know it when you see it. Unless HP is too mean to give out a table showing rails config on that PSU.
  6. thanks ill take a look later on tomorrow or some time this week and post back the info
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