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Hi Guys,

Sorry for long story but please read (need ur help urgently) -

I have a Dell Alienware 14x which was working perfectly from two years and gave me no issues at all. But 3 days ago I left in ON overnight to download some stuff (placed it on cushion) and in the morning it failed to turn on. i tried safeboot, system restore etc but no luck. In smart test it told me that my hard disk has failed. I tried reinstalling the windows, removed the bad sectors by all kind of formats but still the performance was going down drastically.

After starting the laptop I installed HD Sentinel Pro which showed me performance = 100%, but Health = 2% and lifetime left = 2 days. The relocate sector count was quite high and I was getting all sorts of error messages. I thought It might be due to overheating as I placed in on a cushion over night.

Then i bought a new drive Seagate 500 GB and installed OS and then HD Sentinal Pro. At this stage both performance and health was 100%. But as I was installing the softwares & drivers I observed that relocation sector count starts to increase. In 2 days the count went from 0-5 and health went down to 97%.

Now I am really getting worried. Even though there are no bad sectors when I run chkdsk command but still the count has increased from 0-5 in 5-6 hours of use. And the worst thing is I don't know the reason. Please can anyone tell me if i need to worry at this stage or what can I do to save my hard drive.

I am into IT industry myself so I regularly fragment, run ccleaner etc to maintain my OS but not sure what is causing this. The only reason I can think of is overheating as I live in quite hot conditions and my hard disk temp is always around 45 degrees C. But my other laptops are running perfectly and has 0 relocation sector count.

Can any other component in my laptop affect my relocation sector count??
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    It looks like the laptop has suffered from overheating.
    By placing it on a cushion you may of blocked the air intakes of the laptop causing it to heat up too much.
    The heat will damage the HD and also any memory in the laptop.
    When you damage memory it does not necessarily fail straight away.
    But can be damaged enough to produce errors when the data from it is written back to the hard drive. Heat though will degrade memory modules.
    So it may be the memory causing the errors on the new hard drive.
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