How to setup wireless data transfer capability using USB wifi only (Without a router)?

Here's the situation:
I have three PCs:

PC1 : Windows 7, not connected to the internet.
PC2 : Windows XP, not connected to the internet.
PC3 : Windows XP, has internet connectivity.

I want to be able to send files via wifi from PC1 --> PC3 and PC2 --> PC3 and vice versa. Im NOT looking forward for internet sharing.
PC1 and PC2 are connected to Very expensive equipments with critical softwares.
So there is no internet connectivity to reduce the risk of virus attacks.
Basically I will need to transfer data (mainly images and doc files) to PC3. I dont want to invest in a router at this moment. I know about connectify, but it has an issue with Windows XP. As for using a LAN switch, the wiring will mess up the room.

I want to know what is the procedure to setup a data transferring system with the help of usb wifi adapters only. Any suggestion would be very helpful.
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    Setup an ad-hoc network with the devices.

    If you don't want to share internet traffic or have the wifi network accessable from the other connections, setup your IP manually on a different IP range, 192.158.2.x should keep things separate.
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