GTX 650 - Black screen after boot

I just bought a palit geforce gtx 650 for my friend and when I tryed to install it this is what happened.
So when I plugged in my Palit GTX 650 I booted up my PC and just i got is some beeps and a black screen appears but I can still hear all the windows sounds and skype sounds too. Any suggestions ?
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  1. Try resitting your GPU in the slot again. I had a similar problem and found out that one of my RAM chips was loose, put the ram chip(s) into another slot and boot again. Otherwise it could well be that your cable inst securely fastened to the monitor or GPU.

    ALSO I think if it is two beeps then you have a display problem
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    It could be an issue of the power supply make sure the 6 pin power connector is properly inserted.
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